State Fair Board Meets for First Time in Nebraska Building


The Nebraska State Fair is attracting new sponsors, and is looking at new ways to incorporate technology.

Bosselman Pump & Pantry stores have signed on as sponsors of the fair's marathon. Fair Director Joseph McDermott said a retailer is looking at possible sponsorships as well.

Those were a couple of the items up for discussion, as the fair board met for the first time in the new Nebraska Building..

McDermott said, "It's beautiful space, we're looking forward to the new attractions. We think that'll add some exciting, that'll be our wow factor for the 2014 fair."

They want to keep fairgoers coming back and in future years would like to add interactive video display boards, where fairgoers could see maps and schedules, and other interactive content.

The board decided not to install them this year, but will consider it again at another time. Cost was a factor, and board members wanted to maintain a strong cash reserve. But they also said they are committed to adding new technology, to make sure this remains the most modern fairgrounds in the nation.