State officials in North Platte flood zone; Sandbagging continues


As both the north and south Platte rivers continue to rise, Gov. Heinemann declared a disaster and is reaching out with funds; while National Guard members work on sandbagging, and city officials address flooding rumors.

The question everyone wants an answer to: how bad will flooding get? How far will waters rise? Unfortunately for the city, officials say these are variables that change with the day.

"We'll be following the river flows back up to Lake McConaughy where that has significant amounts of water in it," said Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy, "all the way back up to Scott's Bluff where we've had some flooding."

As the sandbagging took place to breech a broken levy on the North Platte River east of town, state and emergency officials met Monday nearby to discuss the high flows that will likely continue into the fall. Officials said that the flood stage is considerably lower than what they'd predicted.

There have been rumors circulating North Platte that the entire town could be underwater within the month a claim "unfounded," say officials. But rumors of sandbag vandalism are true, said the city administrator Jim Hawks, who said he and other city/state officials will continue to do their best to inform the public of the every move on the Platte.

"We've been out doing survey work, we've been doing some modeling and some different things to come up with a plan of attack which includes basically rebuilding the dike across the south bank of the North Platte river all the way across the city of North Platte," said Hawks.