State Pool Tournament Experiencing Growing Pains


A statewide tournament has grown to its limit.

The Fellowship of Eagles is hosting its 35th annual state pool tournament at the Adams County Fairgrounds this weekend.

Over the years, Eagles members from around the state have made this tournament so popular, that it's experiencing growing pains.

"We're at the point of reaching capacity at many buildings across the state, and so basically the tournament will not grow any bigger," said tournament director Bill Primrose. "We're sitting at looking at keeping it operating the same size."

"You see a lot of the same faces that I've seen for 19 years -- the same people I've played 19 years ago," said participant John Voelker. "Always say 'Hi' and they remember playing back then too, so a lot of good memories."

The tournament ends Sunday before heading to Columbus next year. Money raised will help fund several Eagles programs, including heart needs for children.