State Senator Pushes for Historic Legislation


A push for historic legislation made its way to Kearney Saturday.

LR-35 would include Nebraska in a call for a convention of states.

It's a way to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that has never been used before.

The method more commonly used is a two-thirds vote of Congress.

State Senator Laura Ebke, of Crete, is leading the charge in Nebraska.

She said 38 states are in the application process. Four states - Alaska, Alabama, Florida and Georgia - have already filed.

Two-thirds of state legislatures would need to be on board to convene.

"This particular one deals with over regulation, the national debt, the possibility of term limits. Those are things we could talk about at a convention of states based on this call,” said Senator Ebke. “Doesn't mean that anything will actually come out of there, but those are the things that we would talk about."

Fifteen town halls like the one held in Kearney have happened across the state.

The issue is out of committee and set to be discussed on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature next session.

“In the last 10 or 12 years we’ve seen more and more regulations coming from the federal government. I think that small businesses are feeling pinched. I think our economy has sort of slowed down certainly, even if it’s not in the dump, it’s slowed down. I think there’s just a general frustration that when we look at the national debt, we don’t see any way that we can get out of it,” said Ebke.

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