Interpersonal Communication Still Important In Digital Era


In the era of social networking and texting, a state competition proves that the art of personal communication is still important.

Speaking in public can be daunting for some, but the NSAA speech tournament gives students a chance for their voices to be heard.

And while the Internet and social media may be in the mainstream, some say being more social in the real world is crucial to staying ahead in life.

"It can help you talk to more people, go to new places, understand stuff beyond texting and searching stuff up," said Bellevue East contestant Erik Estrada. "Actually going out there and doing it, I think that's what forensics is all about."

"Conversing and having that eye contact, that personal touch -- you don't have that personal touch through electronics, and any times through electronics the material you are expressing goes internationally," said event director Debra Velder. "And if you have not stood behind and have your facts straight, it can come back and haunt you in future endeavors."

There was 207 of 309 schools that qualified for state speech through district competition.

The state tournament wraps up Friday at UNK with competitors from classes C2, D1 and D2.