State Test Results Show Improvement in Math, Science and Reading


State test results show around three-quarters of Nebraska public school students met state reading, math and science standards last year.

According to the Nebraska Department of Education, 2014 state test results showed 77 percent of students tested met or exceeded state reading standards; 71 percent did so in math; and 72 percent met or exceeded standards in science.

All three areas have shown improvement over the past few years. According to the department, the percentage of students proficient in reading has improved 8 percent since 2010. Over the past few years, the areas of math and science have also seen an increase in the percent of students considered proficient.

“Our students are making progress, and we attribute that to Nebraska teachers who have a long history of helping their students meet the state's learning expectations," said Education Commissioner Matt Blomstedt. "Continuous improvement of our schools and strong support for our educators will continue to benefit students.”

Results of the fourth grade writing test were also shared Tuesday. They show 69 percent of fourth graders scored proficient, unchanged over 2013.

Eighth and 11th grade students also took a writing test, but technical issues by some schools during testing mean the department will not be sharing those results.

Parents will receive a report on the child's scores from their school district in the fall.