Stats in for Kool-Aid Days: It’s a Success for All


By Nataly Tavidian / Facebook / Twitter @NTVsNatalyT

The numbers are in from the Kool-Aid Day's team, showing the event was a success for the group, but it also brought revenue for local businesses.

Tom Hastings, president of Hastings Chamber of Commerce, says most hotel rooms in the area sold out, and many came to Hastings from all over the country, spending money in places other than Kool-Aid Days.

"Each year it gets bigger and bigger," said Hastings.

This year the Kool-Aid Days team sold over 10,000 Kool-Aid mugs, selling out of their mugs. Hastings said "when you have that many people come to a community, they're going to spend money."

Local businesses are happy with that rush of people into their community. Bob Murphy owns a bar in Downtown Hastings; he says it was a great weekend for business.

"Some are shopping communities, some are other kind of communities, we happen to be a destination type of town," said Hastings.

Some other events the community looks forward to; the state high school rodeo, high school softball tournament, and ‘Hooper Basketball' tournament-- they say it's the largest in the Midwest.