Stenberg Reports Treasurer's Office Came in Under Budget for 2011-2013 Biennium


The Nebraska State Treasurer's Office says the were able to spend much less than was appropriated by lawmakers for 2011-2013.

Treasurer Don Stenberg said Monday his office spent $818,372 less than the Legislature appropriated for the biennium.

"Asa candidate for State Treasurer in 2010, I said that I would look for ways tobring economy and efficiency to the operations of the Treasurer's Office," stated Stenberg. "Sincebeing elected, I have consistently done that while maintaining the highprofessional standards of the office and the high-quality services provided totaxpayers."

Stenberg says under-budget amount is on top of two years of budget cuts for the Treasurer's Office. Before the 2011-2013 biennium, Stenberg requested a nearly $1.4 million reduction of the office's budget, which the Legislature and Gov. Heineman approved.

Stenberg requested an additional 1.2 percent reduction from the previous operating budget and a 6.6 percentreduction in the state general fund appropriation for fiscal year 2013-2014. That brings down the operating budget for the fiscal year, which began July 1, to $4.67 million.

TheTreasurer's Office employs 46 staff members over five divisions: Treasury Management; theNebraska Educational Savings Trust; the Long-Term Care Savings Plan;Unclaimed Property; and the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center, whichreceives and disburses child support payments from approximately 70,000non-custodial parents.

Stenberg says his office stayed under budget by paying careful attention to daily expenses as well as finding the most cost effective way to do normal business, such as reducing cost of paper, printing and postage by utilizing electronic payments whenever possible.