Still the Good Life: Proposal to Change Slogan Withdrawn


Nebraska is still "The Good Life", as Sen. Heath Mello has withdrawn a proposal to change the state tourism slogan.

LB 1024 was officially pulled on Thursday, after backlash from Nebraskans worried "The Good Life" tagline may disappear.

Mello previously said the intent was not to do away with that popular slogan.

He issued a statement last week, which said, "It was discovered that Nebraska's official state symbol and slogan was not ‘The Good Life' but rather ‘Welcome to NEBRASKAland – where the West begins'."

Mellow said he was working with the Nebraska Tourism Commission, to give the agency the power to adopt a new state symbol and slogan, to replace "Welcome to NEBRASKAland."

"Unfortunately, media reports making the claim that LB 1024 would repeal ‘The Good Life' are grossly inaccurate. While ‘The Good Life' tagline first appeared on state materials during the 1970s, it is not and never has been our official state slogan. Nothing in LB 1024 or in the Tourism Commission's branding efforts changes that fact," Mello said last week.

Whether or not "The Good Life" would have gone away, reaction was quick and overwhelming. Nebraskans took to social media to defend the slogan that appears on highway signs.

The Tourism Commission has said a new branding effort is needed, after completing a statewide strategic plan, which can be viewed at

A Tourism Commission statement said the goal was simple. "The Commission wanted to know more about what makesNebraska unique and distinctive in the eyes of others so it can be bettercommunicated to our residents and visitors. To our knowledge, there hasn't everbeen an extensive research study conducted that has asked residents andnon-residents to weigh in about the state's identity."

Tourism Director Kathy McKillip said last week, "I think it is important for people to realize that the commission ischarged with growing an industry that is very important to our state's economy.In fact, many people would be surprised to know that tourism is the thirdlargest revenue source in the state and directly generates more than 36,100jobs."