Storm Halts Customers Looking to Purchase Spring Merchandise


With the severe weather and recent drop in temperatures, Nebraska shoppers are holding off on purchasing spring merchandise.

The freezing rain, sleet and hail that pummeled most of Nebraska earlier this week, brought a rush of unexpected customers to local hardware stores.

Although we're well into April and spring season, the winter weather lingers, drawing customers to stores like True Value, looking to purchase winter items to help defeat the damage done by the weather.

Employees at the hardware store didn't expect the turn in weather either, and had most winter merchandise already packed up and tucked away.

George Sinsel, the assistant manager of True Value in Kearney said, "We had the shovels and sidewalk salt and everything like that put away so we did have to re-merchandise a little bit and bring some stuff out."

The hardware store ran out of sidewalk salt Wednesday morning, forcing customers to turn to other alternatives.

Water–softener salt crystals are available, however it's not recommended because it's harder on concrete and vegetation.

Customers have also had to turn to cat litter and sandbox playsand.