Storm Impacts Rural Sherman, Valley Counties


Wednesday's fast moving storm has left residents in rural Sherman and Valley Counties cleaning up and assessing damage.

Downed tree limbs and severely damaged crops; that's just some of the aftermath of Wednesday night's storm that rolled through central Nebraska.

Locals were surprised when a super–cell, as reported by the Hastings National Weather Service, rolled into their area with little notice.

"It came up on us pretty suddenly. I was out mowing my yard and all of a sudden the temperature started dropping and I knew something was coming," said North Loup native Jim Goodrich. "And so I finished up and got in the house just in time."

This storm is leaving farmers in Valley County with sheared crops, and a bleak outlook for the season.

"It's heart breaking, it really is. A lot of people have lost a lot of their livelihoods as well as homes being damaged and roofs and windows and siding and a lot of people have been affected in this area," Goodrich said.

Goodrich adds that though this will be a setback for many, the communities will bounce back.