Strategic Approach

Our job is not to prove how much we know about the law because legal expertise is a given -- our job is to understand the client's goal and to achieve it. We have the highest level of technical expertise, but so do many of our competitors. We, however, add two unique ingredients.

We have a commitment to listen carefully so that we understand the client's objectives and then strategically plan and implement our work to obtain the best possible result at the lowest cost. We avoid getting caught up in the law and missing the business realities and practical solutions. Our hands-on, day-to-day understanding of the needs of each party permits us to be effective problem solvers, negotiators and facilitators. Knowing the practical and legal context and constraints that apply to all sides of the transaction gives us the ability to develop and negotiate win-win solutions.

Understanding how each side of the equation operates and their objectives and protocol permits us to become creative and cost effective team members across a broad spectrum of functions from initial planning and counseling through implementation of the game plan - as well as going to battle when litigation is the only alternative.