Strawberry Pot/Hanging Basket


Adda bit of nutrition and beauty to your patio, deck or balcony with a pot ofstrawberries.

Therunners, flowers and fruit of June or spring bearing as well as day-neutralstrawberries make for an attractive hanging basket. Set the plastic pot inside a decorativecontainer.

Oruse a traditional strawberry pot. Consider growing everbearing plants that produce several harvests and norunners.

Placesoil on the bottom of the container. Set a couple of perforated PVC downthrough the planter. As you water, the water travels through the pipe and outthe holes, providing moisture to all plants from top to bottom.

Slidethe plants through the hole from the inside of the pot. Fill the remainingspace with soil. Gently tamp and water thoroughly to eliminate air pockets.

Checkyour container daily and water thoroughly and often enough to keep the soilslightly moist. Incorporate a low-nitrogen slow-release fertilizer, like Milorganite, into the soil at plantingor sprinkle over the soil surface as needed. This type of fertilizer promotes growth without interfering withflowering and fruit production.

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