String of Home Burglaries Hit Holdrege


Holdrege residents are being reminded to lock their homes and vehicles after a string of home burglars have hit the community.

Three homes and garage were burglarized between Sunday and Monday. Officials say the individual or individuals entered through unlocked doors and an open garage.

The homes on Manor Drive and Sherman Street were not ransacked but gone through neatly.

Officials say cash was believed to be the main intent of the burglaries, with that being the only thing taken in each case.

Not only were the homes broken into, but the crimes took place overnight while the residents were at home asleep in their beds.

Officials say while burglaries happen, it is unusual in the area for homes of apparent strangers to be targeted.

"It's usual here in Holdrege that we have many house burglaries. We will have business burglaries from time to time. Homes, we do have things taken out of them, however they're oftentimes friends of the individual," said Holdrege Chief of Police Dennis DaMoude.

DaMoude said they have yet to catch whoever is responsible for the incidents, and say more than one person may be involved.

He said they have been successful in solving recent theft incidents and hope to be in this one as well. However, officials want to warn residents and remind them that times have changed and locking your homes or investing in a security system is smart.

Update: A fourth home burglary took place in the area of Manor Drive and Sherman Street early Wednesday morning. The resident was at home during the time of the break in and cash was once again the only thing taken at the scene.

The owner to police they believe the home was locked.

Anyone with information on these recent burglaries is encouraged to call the Holdrege Police Department at (308) 995-4407 or Holdrege Crime Stoppers at (308) 995-2424. You may be eligible for an award up to $1,000.