Student Ambassadors Anxious for Trip to Europe


Some local middle school students are counting down the days until they leave for a trip of a lifetime.

Students from Grand Island and the North Platte area gathered for a farewell picnic in Kearney on Sunday afternoon before heading to Europe next month.

They're with "People to People," a student ambassador program helping create peace through understanding. And while it's still a month away, the anticipation is building.

"This is going to be awesome, getting to go to Europe is just unbelievable," said Holstein student ambassador Max Granstrom. "This is one of those opportunities you might not ever get again, I mean, I don't know when I'll ever get to go to Europe again."

I think people are getting excited about the trip. It's becoming more real, people are telling me they're starting to pack their bags," said Student Ambassador team leader Allison Klimek. "One of them actually just heard from their home stay families and they have a 14 year old boy as well, they're going to really bond apparently over fishing."

The group will leave July 9th and spend 21 days touring seven countries including England, France and Switzerland.