Student Councils Boost One Another at District Convention


Through a mix of conversation, speakers, and activities, area students say they're helping one another become better learners and community members.

"Does anybody have any examples of compromise within your organization?"

That's just one of the many questions Nebraska District 3 Student Council members are asking one another at their annual meeting.

The Hastings High students that hosted and put together this year's conference say getting together with other councils means more brainstorming for fundraisers and activities.

"We basically bounce ideas off each other," says senior Morgan Krueger. "Other schools, like Loup City has really good ideas on how to raise for Make-a-Wish, that really helps, and then that bounces off Kearney, and it just goes all over."

This year's convention drew ten schools from District 3's twelve county area. The day uses speakers and activities to reinforce ways to be a team member, but to also lead as one.

"They could go on and do their own activities, really make a difference in their school, and really become more of an individual, not following the crowd and just standing out in front of everybody," says senior Pablo Morales.

Students say they have fun making new friends, but it's not just a day out of class.

"They just have little stuff like to help you throughout life," says senior Kathleen Bartunek. "I remember I went to one last year it was called ‘How to Be a Good Listener,' and it had a little paper and I carry it with me still so I know how to be a good listener."

The students say these leadership lessons will help them once they leave high school too.

"It's going to help me a lot, with a job, jobs in the future, you're going to need to have great social skills and great leadership skills, that's always going to make you go to the top," says Krueger.

Nebraska is made up of eight student council districts that can meet in their own conventions. They also have a state convention once a year where they can share even more ideas between more schools.