Student-Organized Cattle Show Teaches Lessons


A student-organized cattle show isteaching all ages lessons in agriculture.

Eighty exhibitors showed 113 head ofcattle this weekend at Fonner Park.

More than 30 members of UNL's Blockand Bridles organize the Big Red Beef Show.

They said it's a way for youth toshowcase their livestock, but also an opportunity for them to get experienceplanning a large event and sharing their ag message.

"A lot of the problems that wehave between miscommunication between producers and consumers mostly comes fromcertain terms that we in the ag communication use and are very familiar, butothers outside of our area might not be familiar with and may take in anegative term," said Laura Gorecai, UNL student. "I think it's important thatwe get on the same level of communication."

The event has traveled around thestate, but Gorecai said - because of the new State Fair facilities - they'lllikely keep it in Grand Island in the near future.