Students Break Engine Building Speed Record Twice


It’s been a record setting day not once, but twice for some Southeast Community College students.

Instructors say one of the places their automotive mechanics students show off their skills is in a competition at Kearney’s Cruise Nite.

Students tear apart a car performance engine, then, while on the clock, rebuild it from the bare block to running.

The team of Cody Smith and Jordan Anderson broke the old school record of 11:37, first by 11:18 then with a time of 11:16.

The students say it’s fun and friendly, but also lets them show off their school and practice what they’ve been learning, albeit at a much faster pace.

“Mechanics isn’t just opening up the hood of a car and seeing if it’s okay - you actually got to tear into it and everything has got to work together, it’s not on there for no reason,” says Smith.

“Just making sure we get all the parts in the right areas so you don’t hurt anything and just consistency, I mean we know what we’re doing, we’re trying to help out the school,” says Anderson.

It was extra special for Smith whose brother set the 11:37 record last year.

Teachers say they have more job offers than graduating students each year, and the engine building competition is a good way to spark more interest in the field.