Students Collect License Plates in Study of Nebraska History


From the highway to the classroom, Nebraska history comes alive in a unique way.
You can learn a lot about the state, just by studying the license plates.

Stuhr Museum was looking for some plates to use with an art project, covering a buffalo sculpture at the Nebraska State Fair.

So they enlisted the help of Seedling Mile teacher Nancy Chavez, who turned it into a fourth grade history project.

Jack Voss said, "We wrote letters to all the county treasurers, and they sent the license plates to us to cover the buffalo at the state fair." "We got pretty much all 93 counties, we missed four I think, around four," Ayden Gardient added.
Kids found some unique plates, from the state centennial to the national bicentennial, and even some that carry the "Beef State" motto.

The students met with their county treasurer to learn more about the license plates as part of their Nebraska history lessons. Friday, they got a visit from staff members at Stuhr Museum who quizzed them on what they learned.

Stuhr Museum will have two buffalo sculptures on display at the state fair this year -- one covered in license plates and another outfitted with state fair memorabilia.