Students Excited to be Ambassadors on European Trip


Some local students will get a chance to learn how a different part of the world lives.

About 15 delegates from the Grand Island and North Platte region are preparing for their trip to Europe.

They're representing "People to People" -- a student organization helping create peace through understanding.

"I think the thing they should take away with them on their trip is understanding of the world around them," said organization sponsor Alissa Klimek. "To the point they understand that people from other countries, people from other cities and states we're going with aren't so different from them."

Ambassadors are nominated and go through a selection process. Hastings Adams Central Sophomore Samantha Granstrom is one of the students participating.

"I got a letter in the mail from people and from there it was like 'oh mom and dad I have to go on this trip' and they're like 'yeah, that would be great' because they're all about getting us out into the world, seeing what's out there," said Granstrom. "So they're like 'yeah, you guys should go to this' so we went to the first meeting and I was hooked!"

Samantha and her two younger siblings will all be going this summer through the program, visiting seven European countries.