Study Suggested for Voter ID Bill


Secretary of State John Gale has recommended to legislators that a study be done before further proceeding with a voter ID bill currently being discuss by Nebraska's legislators.

The measure, introduced by Fremont Senator Charlie Janssen, would require voters to show government-issued photo identifications before casting a ballot. The bill would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue identification cards to qualified voters who don't have a driver's license or other IDs.

Galesaid he's not sure the strictness of the bill is necessary, "I think the bill has identification standards thatare the strictest among the 33 states that have Voter ID, and may be strongerthan Nebraska needs."

He continued, "Since we have not experienced any systemic fraud inNebraska, despite some occasional and isolated incidents, I'm not sure thestrict standards of LB381 and the costs involved are necessarily the bestanswer for Nebraska."

Gale submitted a letter of testimony to the Government, Military and VeteransAffairs Committee recommending an interim study be conducted to further investigate issues of voter registration and voter fraud in Nebraska.

"I thinksuch as study can result in a well-honed bill addressing broader issues of potentialfraud, and a bill that is our own unique Nebraska Voter ID law," said Gale.

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