"Stuff the Truck" Canned Food Drive Ripped Expectations


Piles of cans were loaded on the back of a pick-up truck in Kearney as donations exceeded expectations.

The Kearney Young Professionals Network teamed up with the Kearney Area Animal Shelter to collect canned food for shelter dogs and cats.

"I went into the shelter and just kind of talked to Jaime and the staff to see what's the biggest need, what's the best way that YPN could partner with them. And she actually gave us the idea for the canned food drive," said YPN member Shandra Daffer.

"Canned food is a huge expense for the shelter. We have a contract with Science Diet to get our dry food for a cut cost," said Kearney Area Humane Society worker Jamie Jensen. "That can food is really expensive so we end up spending about $6,000 a year just on food alone for the pets. I told them that would be great to do a canned food drive for the animals and I never expected the results that we got today."

The number of donations when above and beyond expectations.

"I had no idea, I thought maybe the bottom of the truck would be covered and that's about it," said Jensen.

"I'm extremely surprised! Not surprised by how giving our Kearney community is," exclaimed Daffer.

"With the canned food drive it really helps us that we can make a little meatball, maybe they're a little scared when they come in, it's a new environment to them," said Jensen.

So far they brought in about 2,500 cans and one animal was even adopted at the event.

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