Stuhr Temporarily Powerless as Renovations Continue


A power outage during the busy summer season would cause a crisis for many popular attractions, but at one, it may actually enhance things.

The outage at Stuhr Museum was made necessary by the ongoing renovation project of their main building. They're connecting to city water, and had to power down Wednesday.

Visitors to Railroad Town may not have even noticed, since they're portraying the year 1894.

"As a lot of people have pointed out our 1890s town doesn't have power and should be just fine," museum Director Joe Black said. "Our classes are still going on, it's business as usual out here."

The power outage was expected to be a one day issue. The Stuhr building remains closed, in the midst of renovations.

Other exhibits remain open, and they have added some new touches in some areas, like the antique tractor display.

Black said they have had good response to classes and special events.