Success in Sales for Junk Jaunt 2012


On day two of the ninth annual Junk Jaunt shopping event, some registered sellers saw enough sales to pack up for the rest of the weekend.

Among the shoppers trying to find the best bargains along the Junk Jaunt route, were sisters-in-law, Coralene Kinzie and Sandy Lewis.

Kinzie said "We have it blocked on everybody's calendars."

It's an event they look forward to all year long, and on day two they have already been to six towns along the route.

Sellers near crowded markets like Cairo and even those that were far from the main streets said the event was a success and turned a hefty profit.

Matt Preisendorf sold from his own home, and when asked if he had more left for day three Preisendorf said "No they got us picked clean almost."

Junk Jaunt organizer Peggy Haskell estimates the Junk Jaunt made a six-million-dollar economic impact over the weekend.

Grand Island's Fonner Park was home to one of the Junk Jaunt shows. The location was geared towards those shopping for antiques and collectable items.

"I'm thinking hard about a fisherman's float," said Sandy Lewis, a regular Junk Jaunt participant. She took her chances on purchasing an item she may not find anywhere else.

The event was started as a way to draw in tourism and feed local town economies. With the numbers making the "jaunt" growing annually the event has certainly met those goals.