Suicide: Special Report Part 2


Ninety percent of people who commit suicide suffer from depression. In part two of Suicide: a special report, we look for warning signs, and the hope, people with depression really have.

An ABC news story detailed the shocking suicide death of Matthew Warren, the son of world renowned minister and author Rick Warren.

Matthew had a drawn out battle with depression at one point telling his father, "Dad, I know I'm going to heaven, why cant I just die and end the pain."

But he kept battling another decade.

Doctors say depression can be about family traits and genetics. And the numbers have always linked depression with suicide.

Experts point to these signs to watch for: verbalizing the desire to die, looking for a way to kill one's self, talking about hopelessness, talking about being trapped and an increase in drug use.

Kearney counselor Carol Larson says many sufferers of depression see relief from medicine.

"Medicines seem to lift the mood, all we can see is depressing, but medicine can sometimes lift the blinders off," she said.

Sometimes it's as simple as exercise. But unfortunately for Matthew Warren and his family, it wasn't that simple. A life taken too soon and observers are left to wonder why it had to happen.