Sunmart Renovations Round Finish Line as Hy-Vee Sets to Enter the Scene in Kearney


Kearney residents may have noticed changes taking place at their local Sunmart in recent months.

Over the last six months the grocery store has been going through a major makeover, all in good timing as a new competitor, Hy-Vee will soon be on the scene.

The multi–million dollar renovation has been in the works for a couple of years now. Plans were finalized about six months ago and remodeling began shortly after.

Though changes and remodeling has gradually been taking place, some of the biggest differences will be a new coffee kiosk and a new name for the store.

"The name will change to a Family Fresh Market. We'll be changing that officially on March 4th," said store director Shawn Albert.

The Kearney store will be the sixth store in the Sunmart chain to change to the Family Fresh name since 2007.

Albert says the store also has a Caribou Coffee coming in. "They put the structure up yesterday, so that's brand new," he said.

So far aisles have been made larger and they have been turned to face east and west. Energy efficient freezers have also been put in place.

The chain says they go through a revamping process roughly every four years, this one just happens to be on a larger scale.