Sunrise Teacher's Writing Lands Her Writer's Digest Award


Thewritings of Sunrise Middle School teacher, Sandra Anthony, have earned her aWriter's Digest Award.

Theaward doesn't only come with the honor of winning, but also $2,500 and a paidtrip to New York City. Anthony's story, "Forfeit", was selected from over2,300 entries and will be published in the May issue of the magazine.

The4,000 word story is about 16-year-old Edie Munoz, a girl with Olympic boxinggoals. Edie discovers she is pregnant right before a big match and has todecide if she will fight and possibly lose the baby in the process.

InWriters Digest, Anthony said "I thinkit's extremely beneficial to be around the age group that you are writing for on a regular basis."

"My students are immensely helpful to meas a writer; they give me feedback, ideas, and make me aware of all the currenthappenings and the vernacular of their worlds," said Anthony.

"Forfeit"was based in part on a former female student who was a boxer in a family ofmale boxers.

Ofher inspiration Anthony said, "Herdedication to boxing made me think of many passionate and intelligent girls I have known over the years, and the ways in which they pursue thedreams they have forthemselves."