Supporters for Additional Ball Fields in Kearney Hope to see Measure on November Ballot


The topic of adding more baseball and softball fields in Kearney was heavily discussed during the Kearney Chamber of Commerce community connections meeting earlier this week.

The idea of adding more fields has been around for a while and soon it will be decided if that issue goes on the November ballot.

Those in favor of the addition are hopeful that this time around the measure will pass.

Supports say Kearney is under served for ball fields and that there is already a perfect location for it next to the future veterans home.

"We have land that the city owns near where the veterans home is going to be, literally right next to it. It is a good location because paved roads are going to be there. It's nice and flat," said city council member Randy Buschkoetter.

The complex would cost roughly $8.6 million and take roughly 10 years to be raised and the facility built.

Buschkoetter say this time around they are looking for a 1 percent restaurant sales tax to cover most of the costs.

He feels this is the best way to go about it, and says that restaurants are a discretionary part of someone's income -- won't hit those on fixed incomes and visitors will be helping to pay for the project as well.

"We're building this in part to try and bring people into town, have events, and have tournaments and having out of towners coming into town. With a restaurant tax they can help pay for this as well," he said.

There will be a public hearing on the matter at the next city council meeting in two weeks to determine if it gets on the November ballot.