Surfboard Thieves Strike... Grand Island?


The city may be called an island, but Grand Island isn't known for its surf scene, which makes a weekend theft surprising.

Wave Pizza Company is known for its food, and for its surf-inspired decor, including a Volkswagen van parked in the restaurant and a raft in the rafters.

But given the lack of beaches in central Nebraska, the staff was surprised when thieves caught a wave this weekend, swiping a table made from a surfboard.

Mindy VanWinkle called police, but also got the word out on social media. And apparently, that stolen longboard wasn't too hard to spot in snowy Nebraska.

"We put it on Facebook and I started having friends of mine that had seen it on Saturday night," VanWinkle said. "It was three calls I got about somebody seeing a surfboard in the back of a truck."

The eight foot longboard was kept in a beer garden that doesn't get much use this time of year.

Police say it was spotted in a truck getting gas Saturday night.

Employees think the thieves must've realized they weren't going to get far with it, because the unique table was found in a ditch, and returned to the restaurant.