Update: Defendant in Cathedral Stabbing Pleads Not Guilty

Aslin Nabarro

A Grand Island man accused of stabbing his estranged girlfriend has entered a plea of not guilty.

41-year-old Aslin Nabarro's pre-trial is set for July 24-th and jury selection will begin on August 5th at Hall County District Court.

In May Nabarro was accused of stabbing Mirna Medina-Colocho outside Saint Mary's Cathedral in Grand Island.

At his first court appearance in late May, Aslin Nabarro showed up in the courtroom with bandages on his neck after he allegedly cut his own neck following the stabbing .

Officers arrived at the scene quickly after bystanders called in the violent attack. Officials say the Nabarro and Medina-Colocho got into an argument that escalated with Medina-Colocho being stabbed in the head and torso up to 20 times.

Nabarro faces a count of attempted first degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of intentional child abuse.