Suspect in Cathedral Stabbing Previously Charged for Knife Threat


The suspect in a stabbing just outside a church had been accused of threatening to kill his estranged girlfriend just one month ago.

According to court records, Aslin Nabarro, 41, was already awaiting trial for terroristic threats and use of a deadly weapon.

The charges were filed April 9 by Hall County Attorney Mark Young. They indicate Nabarro threatened to kill Mirna Molina-Colocho, the same woman police say was stabbed up to 20 times Friday outside St. Mary's Cathedral in Grand Island.

And in the April case, Nabarro was accused of making those threats with a knife.

Bond in that situation was set at ten percent of $25,000 and Nabarro was ordered to have no contact with Molina-Colocho.

However, he was able to make bond. And Medina-Colocho signed an affidavit asking for the no contact order to be lifted.

On Friday, police say Nabarro contacted Medina-Colocho in the parking lot just outside St. Mary's Cathedral.

They got into an argument which led to a violent attack. Officers say Nabarro stabbed Medina-Colocho up to 20 times in the upper torso and head.

Then he apparently inflicted a wound to himself -- a "deep cut to his throat", according to a press release.

There were a number of witnesses at the church -- a fact that may have allowed help to arrive quickly, and may have saved both their lives. Police and ambulance crews arrived quickly. Medina-Colocho was attended to by paramedics, while police found Nabarro in a nearby alley.

Both Medina-Colocho and Nabarro underwent surgery at St. Francis Medical Center.

Both were listed in stable condition as of Friday night.