Sutton Residents React To Storm, Ready To Rebuild


Severe storms hit Sutton last night...not only damaging farms outside of town...but causing major damage in town as well.

Debris included grain bins knocked over and strewn about on Highway 6.

Residential neighborhoods in town saw sheds destroyed, trees covering cars, roof damage on houses and power poles partially knocked over.

Residents describe the experience, and are starting the rebuilding process.

"It was was very quick. It went over really fast, matter of a couple minutes," said Sutton resident Rallyn Christ. "We were in the basement, heard a crash that was one of the trees going through the window so I went upstairs to check it out, went back downstairs heard another big boom that was my tree behind my house. Had one little tree taken out of the ground thrown over against the shed."

"Now we just pick everything up, clean everything up, things are insured so we go from there," said Sutton resident Larry Nelson.

Downtown, Sutton's grocery store was badly damaged. Due to power outages, both Sutton Public and Sutton Christian Schools are closed on Monday.

Governor Heineman and Nebraska Emergency Management officials will be in Sutton later Monday morning surveying the damage.