Sylvan Learning Center Offers Tips on Becoming a Story Teller

Having familystory tellers can be beneficial for everyone – they entertain, inspire, andencourage all members of the family. And Sylvan Learning Center is sharing tips on how to become a great story teller.

To get started:

  1. Familystories. Get your kids interested in their familyby learning as much as you can about maternal and paternal relatives. Kids loveto feel a part of groups, and there's no more important group thanfamily.
  2. Lesson-learnedstories. Kids learn from others' mistakes, so take a well-timed "teachable moment"story and relay it to your children. A story about the time you messed up an important test because you didn't studyenough can be worth its weight in gold.
  3. Twice-toldstories. Re-tell your favorite stories over and over again. Not only is this a fun way to communicate, but kids may be able to tell this story to their children someday, passing along some family history.
  4. Neighborhoodstories. Just as they love being a partof a family, kids love being a part of a community. Tell stories about the history of your neighborhood, what it was likeyears ago, memorable neighbors, and interesting occurrences. If you'renew to your neighborhood, do a little research together.
  5. Proud stories. Tell kids about the things that have happened that make you feel proud.
  6. Story tellerstories. Tell your kids about yourfavorite story tellers, and how they made you feel when telling a story.

These stories help open the lines of communication. A story may help when your kid is feeling down or experiencing a disappointment or they might help to bring the entire family closer together.

    Additionally, these stories canhelp develop language arts skills – reading, writing, speaking, andlistening.

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