T-L Irrigation Celebrates Strong Demand for Pivots


Center pivots now stretch beyond the Nebraska horizon to countries across the globe, but even those still return dollars to the Cornhusker state.

They add billions as farmers grow more while using half as much water as flood irrigation.

Clark Bauer, national sales manager at T-L Irrigation said, "Water is paramount to farmers and they're doing a very good job being as efficient as possible."

T-L has been improving pivots for nearly 60 years. The last few years have brought numerous advancements, like variable rate irrigation

As the name implies, they use different amounts of water in different parts of the field.

Pivots were already 90 percent efficient and new technology has improved that.

Bauer said, "Integrated with soil moisture monitor probes and management systems via the internet, they're now micro managing the last ten percent of water very, very well."

For T-L, demand has never been greater. And engineers are tuned in to what young, tech savvy farmers want.

"That segment's going to continue to grow, so we're going to have to grow with them and adapt with them," Bauer said.

T-L offers the industry's only hydraulic–drive pivots "that gives us continuous movement, less wear and tear," Bauer explained.

Nebraska is the most irrigated state in the nation, having overtaken California in the last decade.

And even when farmers around the world buy pivots, it benefits Nebraska where this industry is based.

"There's no lack of competition," Bauer said. "We definitely are one of four major manufacturers all in Nebraska."

T-L markets to 66 countries. But Clark Bauer says the philosophy is not about making money, but making what farmers need to feed a growing world.

He said, "If we can make him successful by giving him a very reliable piece of equipment to irrigate with and help him manage the investment, they're going to come back again and again."

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