Tax Deadline Approaches


The final deadline for the 2013 tax season nears, and most taxpayers are filing early. Some local accountants in Nebraska say this tax season was ‘pretty difficult,' with several factors contributing to their claim, such as all the uncertainty surrounding the federal government's budget.

Despite the hectic season, some say this tax season went better than past years.

"Last year my fiancé decided to do them last minute. This year, we did them the same day we could," said Cassandra Romack, Kearney resident. "We were able to buy the things we wanted earlier, got caught up on bills, and became a lot less hassle-free."

But Romack is a lucky one, according to many bookkeepers, because there are still many who have not filed. Officials say whether you choose to have them done professionally, or decide to file them yourself, they need to be done by the April 15th deadline, or you could face some penalties.

"If you have more complicated returns, and want the advice, want your questions answered, want the extra security and the comfort of knowing that someone is proficient in this area, you should find some professional help," said Kristin Kamler, senior accountant, McDermott & Miller.

"For the taxpayers who don't have the unusual stuff, straight forward W2's, mutual fund dividends…for them, it's simple, and easy to do," shared Mick Unick, owner of General Business Services.

A recent debate in the news is discussing what would happen if the government did our taxes for us. Many locals and accountants say that option is not ideal.

"Everybody makes mistakes. There is no perfect system, but with one central government unit processing taxes across the country, those mistakes would skyrocket," said Kamler.

Professionals urge those who have not yet filed and want professional help to get into the offices by Tuesday, April 9.