Tear Drop Campers


Campers from all over the country are making their way to the Heartland.
But these aren't just any campers, they're "teardroppers". And they're setting up camp at Pioneer Village in Minden.
"Probably the most fun thing about a teardropper is when you travel, you always get the amazed question: 'Do you really sleep in that?" said Denny Rosenberger
"We go camping all the time in it, we love it," proclaimed another camper.
"You stay wherever you are at and you've got it all right here," said Karen Rosenberger.
"Teardroppers were predominately made in the 30's and 40's and 50's when they were first made popular," explained Denny. "The 50's was really popular with a lot of them on the road. They were towed by the average car. People could go out. you didn't have to sleep on the ground. Your galley was self contained. Anywhere you would stop at was your kitchen. You open up the back and it's beautiful."
"And we have all the necessities of home. And we have a beautiful camper at home, but we leave it there and prefer this because of all the convenience," said one camper."
"You don't even have to unhook it. Just pull in and you're there. Open the hatch and start the coffee, get the dutch oven out and start making bread, whatever you want to do," said Denny.
"The teardroppers are pretty much a self-reliant group," boasted George Thornton. "They like to build their own teardrops. If they don't build them, they buy them pre-manufactured then they accesorize them and make them uniquely theirs."

"Camping with a teardrop is great because they are so easy. I mean it's easy to go pack up and go somewhere and you stay dry in them. There's not a whole lot you have to take down. But for just traveling in one, the convenience is just awesome," said Betsey Edvold. "You can stop anywhere and make lunch. And it's just a fun way to travel."

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