Teen Shooter's Conviction Overturned

William Matthews

Three years after gunfire on a busy Grand Island street, one young man involved has had his conviction overturned.

William Matthews was 18 in April 2011, when he was involved in a fight on Eddy Street that culminated in gunfire in broad daylight.

A group of people was gathered in the neighborhood, "talking smack" to each other, according to court records.

Matthews was later convicted of attempted murder, among other charges.

But Tuesday, the state appeals court ruled that the lower court erred, when it didn't allow testimony from the victim.

The attorney for Matthews argues it was self-defense, saying victim Kevin Guzman was under the influence of drugs at the time and acting aggressively.

The ruling said Guzman's "propensity for aggressiveness and violence is relevant to whether he was the first aggressor, which is an essential element of Matthews' self-defense claim, and, as such, may be proved by evidence of Guzman's conduct."
Hall County Attorney Mark Young told NTV that he would talk to the Attorney General's office to consider an appeal, but called that "unlikely."

Matthews remains in prison as part of his conviction was upheld, on two counts of making terroristic threats.