Teenage Love-Advice for Parents


Chocolates, candies, and sweethearts are commonly associated with the month of February. This month on Good Morning Nebraska we will be diving into the subject of love. The first topic is teenage love, and advice for parents on how to handle this possible situation.

Lori Reiner, a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and Certified Social Worker, outlined a few ideas for parents to think about if their son or daughter starts dating in their teenage years:

1) Establish open honest communication with your teen, don't be afraid to ask the tough questions, but be willing to listen.

2) Set good dating guidelines; curfews, group dates, limited time.

3) Be a good role model with own behavior. For example, single parent that's dating, dress appropriately, be accountable, don't have boyfriend/girlfriend sleep over or move in, then expect teen to behave differently.

4) Dangers of social media- do a reality check with movies and TV, warn about text messages and Facebook.

For more information call Family Counseling Services at (308) 995-8007.