Teens Spend Winter Break Volunteering


More than 100 kids from all around Nebraska came to Grand Island this week for a two-day faith based event.

Organized by Lutheran youth groups, it's part of an annual winter break program that takes place in various Nebraska towns, and this year it was in Grand island.

The kids spent a majority of their time in their second day volunteering at 17 sites across Grand Island.

The middle school students spent two days at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Grand Island.

Director of Faith Formation for the Nebraska Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lisa Kramme said, "We really do want an opportunity to bring middle school youth together from all over our Nebraska Synod."

They were able to achieve that with more than 150 students signing up for the program and each one contributed to Grand Island in big ways.

"We had youth going to several of the retirement homes, we had youth going to the YMCA, the YWCA, Goodwill, Salvation Army, to the public library," said Stacia Vawter, director of youth ministry at Omaha's St. Matthew's Lutheran Church.

Teens at the Grand Island Public Library said it was exciting to meet volunteers from various parts of the state.

Kalee Cellar, Grand Island volunteer and 10th grade student, said, "I volunteer quite a lot so I know most of the volunteers, so it was pretty cool to work with other people."

The Grand Island Public Library will continue to run programs for kids during winter break. They will run through the first week of January.