Tess Poppert - October 2012

October 2012

Mrs. Tess Poppert-Cozad Elementary

Dear NTV,

My name is Jaxson Simmerman. I go to Cozad Elementary in Cozad Nebraska. I would like to nominate my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Tess Poppert for outstanding teacher of the month.

Mrs. Poppert makes me excited to go to school each day because I learn a lot from her. She is different than other teachers I've had because we do a lot of maps and diagrams. I love to do those. They help me study. She has impacted my life because my classmates and I are getting ready for harder work in the future.

Mrs. Poppert has a "money" system in class. If we act good we get "money", but if we act bad we owe her "money". With our "money", we can buy time on Ipads and a lot of other things at the end of the quarter. This system helps us on our money skills.

Mrs. Poppert is exciting. She deserves this award more than anyone else. I hope you pick her.


Jaxson Simmerman