Texas Sized Food Fight in Lone Star State Whataburger Goes Viral


Theysay everything's bigger in Texas and that proved to be the case when rival highschool students started a massive food fight in a local Whataburger.

Therewill likely be little to no repercussions for the students involved in the Saturdaynight incident. The fast food chain isn't pressing charges. This keeps theschool district from punishing those responsible.

Students fromboth Brandeis and O'Connor High School who were involved in the food fight saidthey're embarrassed by the negative attention they'rereceiving.

When students returned to class Monday the video was amajor topic of conversation after a short clip of Saturday's massive food fightat a north side Whataburger went viral.

Students fromboth schools now regret the actions of their classmates.

JacobGuajardo, a Brandeis High School junior, said "I've heard what some peoplewho work there say and they're beyond furious about it."

Jonah Brickley,an O'Connor High School senior, said "it's just sad how the way we handledit and everyone feels bad about it and it shouldn't have happened likethat."

Thefood fight came after an emotional 12 to 10 win for Brandeis over their rival O'Connor. Thematch-up stirred emotions on both sides but students said they never saw thiscoming.

Since theincident the shock and amusement from Saturday's fight has turned into worrythat disciplinary and possibly criminal action was coming.

However,Whataburger announced Monday that it wasn't pressing charges, which ties thehands of school officials as there is very little the district can do to accessthe video.

Although itappears students are practically getting off scott-free, a spokesman for thedistrict said if Whataburger changes it' minds they have the support of theschools.

In a statementreleased by Whataburger, officials make it clear that they're ready to move-on.

"Studentsfrom both schools, whether they were involved or not, have come to ourrestaurant and apologized, and we greatly appreciate the outpouring of support.The Whataburger team will continue to welcome Brandeis and O'Connor students atour restaurants and we're also committed to continuing the partnership andsupport of both high schools," said the burger joint.