The Archway Scores Big Over Memorial Day Weekend


It's the time of year families are planning their summer vacations, and folks at The Archway hope some new changes will make it a popular stop.

With help from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, plus the additions of more visible signs and the new interstate exit, they hope it will attract more visitors than ever.

"People driving by, they always go what is this place so they pull off and come on in," said Archway greeter Steve Halbert. Traffic is up 30 percent from last month.

"We are getting large families, and usually before Memorial Day you get grandma and pa's coming in by themselves, but now we are getting large families," explained Jack Garrison, a mountain man re-enactor.

"Saturday and Sunday, even though we were only open from noon to six on Sunday, we had almost 400 people," said Marketing Director Jace Robinson.

"Even here at the maze alone I have had at least 20 groups through today and yesterday, which is up almost 100 percent from last year," said Taylor Garrison, the maze guide.

Travelers came from all over to take a look at the Archway on this Memorial Day weekend. "A couple came from Germany, then a few minutes later a couple from Australia stopped through here," said Halbert.

No matter where you may be from you won’t be able to miss the new mascot, Archie, coming to life.

"We have someone who has offered buffalo, four or five to put out there and would take care of feeding them and that type of thing and we hope to get that going this summer," said Phil Jossi, president of the Archway Foundation.

The Archway will also be where the start and finish of the July 4th Superhero Dash will take place. "You'll see the superhero cut outs around town to get people excited about it. It's a lot of fun. People have a lot of fun with it. I expect a lot of fun things, a lot of fun pictures, a lot of fun video to come from that event," said Robinson.

Fundraising is still in the works to help maintain The Archway. Officials are fairly confident that in the next two to three years the Archway will be able to keep itself running without any extra help.