The Dinosaur and Heartland Haunt


Nebraska's newest attraction takes many back to the beginning of time.

Lifelike models recreate the age of dinosaurs and make many feel like they're walking through Jurassic park.

Zach richie has more on the dinosaur museum and heartland haunt in this week's one tank trip.

Many different sites and sounds show up along i-80 everyday. But stop at exit 382 near Milford and look through the trees for a big surprise and a journey to when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

"They come in and say we saw your dinosaur on the Interstate and that brings a lot of people in," says Tina Bartels.

The large t-rex greeting visitors makes up just one of the many replicas at the dinosaur museum and heartland haunt. It's one of Nebraska's newest attractions, opening up in august of last year. Visitors browse the nearly 90 exhibits depicting more than 60 species.

"It's fun. We have a lot of families that come out and it's enjoyable and we like having all the kids around and they have a really great time here. We're very family orientated," added Bartels.

Spend time digging up fossils or get lost in the endless mirror maze. The museum combines education and fun for surrounding communities and those looking for a trip back in time along the interstate.

Bartels adds, "Our location is really great because we're in a small area and all the small surrounding towns and there's something to do here. You don't have to drive to Omaha or Lincoln."

If walking side by side with a stegosaurus and triceratops scares you, the heartland haunt promises to frighten even more. Step carefully through this haunted house.

"Keep your cell phone and cameras turned off as no evidence of the events about to take place shall leave these walls," advises Bartels.

Unexpected surprises lurk at every turn at the dinosaur museum and heartland haunt. Whether you choose to be scared or travel back in time is up to you, chances are you might try both.

The museum is open for youth groups and birthday parties but they recommend that only children 10 or older go through the heartland haunt.