The Edge Denied Liquor License


The Edge Bar and Grill has been denied a liquor license in an unanimous vote by the Hall County Board of Supervisors.

After having that license taken away in 2010, it's since become a juice bar featuring exotic dancers. The bar is also known for alleged prostitution and multiple arrests on violent acts.

More recently, women who dance at the club were robbed of $20,000 at a Grand Island motel. The current owners said having a liquor license would help bring in more money to the establishment.
The Nebraska State Patrol did an investigation into The Edge and found out there was some confusing evidence on who was actually getting profits from the bar after previous owner Larry Davidson passed away.
Investigator Lorri Rogers told the board, "I explained to Adriana Horta how the questions that she answered specifically stating that there would be no one else that would be receiving any of the profits -- specifically stating that none of the equipment belonged to anyone else -- the way she answered those and everything else I found would be considered a false application with a silent partner." After hearing that testimony from Rogers, the board quickly denied The Edge its request for a liquor license.
Board members said the bar gave inaccurate and potentially false information filed in the application.
Board member Scott Arnold said, "Ownership and management of the premise is not significantly different than the prior liquor license." The ultimate decision rests with the Nebraska Liquor Commission.