"The Edge" Nightclub Shuts Down

It was at the center of numerous criminal investigations, and now that "The Edge" bar has shut down, law enforcement officials say they'll be able to focus their energy elsewhere.

Hall county officials said the night club in Alda used up a lot of their resources, because of numerous violations that occurred there.

Beer bottles still lie in the parking lot of the edge nightclub. The establishment that once featured exotic dancers shut down on April 20.

Gary Quandt, Hall County Supervisor, said, "We had to spend so many law enforcement dollars, that we weren't able to use law enforcement dollars where they were supposed to be used at."

Quandt added, "I'm happy that it's closed, and if they were to run a proper operation we would've been happy with it. It still would've been open but I don't believe that was happening."

Hall County sheriffs say a majority of their resources consumed by the establishment was in man power.

The club had several liquor license suspensions, and more than a dozen liquor law violations. After its liquor license was taken away in 2010, The Edge began operating as a strip club that did not sell alcohol.

Captain Greg Ahlers, with the Hall County Sheriff's department, said issues still remained.

"Consuming alcohol in the parking lot which wasn't part of their license premise; inside we had thefts, exotic dancers, we had reports of prostitution," Ahlers said.

Some county officials said these cases didn't just happen at The Edge, but expanded to other areas of Hall County.

The nightclub's owner will soon sell its fixtures.