The Forgotten Rules of the Road: In-Town Traffic Violations


In-town driving is such a common task that drivers are doingit distracted or even mindlessly.

Rolling through stop signs, not using your blinker,speeding, these are all common mistakes views find most frustrating, and somethingthe Kearney Police Department sees a lot of.

In today's day and age driving has become one of the mostcommon daily activities, and when things become common they can also becomemindless, or and auto pilot type of task.

And according to Brandon Bentiz with the Nebraska Safety Center,a much more dangerous place for drivers.

"It's just one of those things, we get used to it. wetravel the same old roads a lot of the times and the same days. We travel thesame types of roads day after day. We just get so comfortable with a certainbehavior and then we start to take chances," he says.

Chances like speeding and rolling through stop sings, but also violations that many don't seem to know areviolations at all.

"Any one of the controlled intersections where there'straffic lights, people will pull into the turn lane and pull out to the middleof the intersection and wait for traffic to clear. and a lot of times they endup turning through a red light because they're sitting there in theintersection and that is a violation," says KPD patrolman Derek Payton.

According to the Nebraska Department of Roads 2012 crashreport nearly 64 percent of all accidents happened locally where peopleregularly drive.

And in nearly all of them speed or not paying attention wasthe main cause.

Officer Payton's advice to avoid these mishaps,"It seems like everybody becomes a perfect driver whenthey see a cop behind them, or in front of them. And I would say that as far asthat goes that advice would be to drive like there's always a cop around. Peoplealways seem to slow down and drive a little better or use their signals. It'sbetter in the long run that way."

Being more aware of these distractions can prevent accidentsand possibly getting pulled over.