The Forgotten Rules of the Road: The Four Way Stop


Intersections can not only be a challenge, but a test ofpatience as well.

The four way stop is a frustrating intersection formany.

Do people not pay attention at them, or do they simple notknow what to do?

Rolling through stop signs, not using proper turn signals,cutting others off or not paying attention at all are major areas of concernwhen it comes to the four way stop.

And although the idea of the four way stop is simple

It can cause quite the headache.

Actions of politeness by motorists not in a hurry can alsomake for a confusing situation.

"The person on the right can give up that right of wayif they want the other person to clear through. Commonly in this part of thecountry we just give a wave of the hand," says Brandon Benitz with the NebraskaSafety Center.

This can lead to a stalemate situation, and when driversaren't paying attention.

So the Nebraska Safety Center in Kearney is giving youngdrivers plenty of opportunities to experience them first hand.

"We are putting students through intersections for alldifferent directions, from all different angles. we want students, even duringthe free drive portion to experience as many intersections as they can,"says Benitz

The person on the right has the right to go first in astalemate situation, that doesn't apply if they are crossing in front ofothers. which can make for a sometimes dangerous situation.

"So many vehicle crashes occur at intersections wherevehicles across in front of one another and turn in front of one another,"he says.

Which prompts Officer Derek Payton of the Kearney Police Departmentswith some advice to live by, "In all situations what I would say is to defer todefensive driving, even though you have the right of way if you can see anunsafe situation always do what you need to do to keep yourself and theoccupants of your vehicle safe."

Safety for all has remained a common theme throughout thisseries.

With these simple reminders the roads can remain a happierand safer place for all.