The Frank House


The Frank House in Kearney displays the elegance of a Victorian home throughout the year. Every holiday season, it keeps its wonder but takes on a different, more festive look.
"It feels so much more homey this time of year with all the Christmas decorations. The Victorian era was really when people started decorating their homes for the holiday," said Director Sarah Jones.
Completed in 1899, the Franks lived in this home for 10 years. One of Kearney's founding families, they're credited for bringing electricity to the area. While their exact traditions aren't known, many believe the Franks celebrated Christmas like everyone else.
"They did have some grandchildren in the house. So hopefully they did put up some Christmas
decorations so the grandkids could enjoy the holiday."
Kearney Floral donated many of the decorations for the house years ago. Dolls from the museum's collection and quilts from the Kearney Crossroads Quilt Guild fill the mansion. Volunteers, staff, friends, and junior friends of the house put them up every year. Wreaths, holly, and ornaments adorn the home the same way it would've been with the Victorian style.
"They used a lot of natural decorations and fabric and ribbon and textiles and anything like
that," Sarah explained.
The Frank House will celebrate its Christmas Walk December 13th through the 18th with a Holiday Tea and Tour on the 17th and 18th. It's the only two days out of the year the house charges admission but also serves as its largest fundraiser.
"Christmas is the one that everyone really enjoys and it creates a sense of community and joyousness and generosity this time of year."
With lots of lights, decorated mantles, and seven Christmas trees, the Frank House gets some holiday cheer. It's a new look for an old building that holds the early history of the founding of a town.
The Frank House will hold a Tubas for Christmas event Saturday, December 11, 2010. The event is free and open to the public. The following weekend on the 17th and a18th, they will hold the Holiday Tea and Tour where admission is $5.