The Hall County Courthouse Challenge Continues


After Hall County Supervisor Gary Quandt challenged Mayor Jay Vavricek and fellow supervisor Pam Lancaster to scale scaffolding to reach the top of the Hall County Courthouse last year, Vavricek and Lancaster issued a similar challenge to Quandt this year.

As announced at the Veterans Club Hamburger for Heroes night on Oct. 23, Quandt accepted a challenge from the pair to journey to the top of the Hall County Courthouse and stay for at least 60 hours in observance of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. The Hamburger for Heroes event raised money for the Korean War Hero Flights to Washington, D.C.

At 4 p.m. Friday, Quandt climbed up to the top of the Hall County Courthouse and won't be coming down until 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 4.

Hall County Supervisor and member of the Korean Hero Flight committee Bob McFarland said he worried about Quandt; and like many others McFarland visited Quandt during his stay on the tower brining him warm food.

McFarland said, "It means an awful lot for those veterans to get to see the statues erected in their honor."

"Gary is a very very dedicated," he added.

The hall county supervisor has packed 3 extra cell phone batteries to be able to keep in touch with friends and family.

Quandt said, "The elements haven't been the best, but our Korean War Veterans when they were fighting for out country they didn't have the best of elements. I'm doing this for the veterans to show awareness to our veterans. The Korean War was known as the forgotten war and Grand Island and Hall County want to tell our Korean War Veterans that we have not forgotten them."

The 66 hours spent on top of the building commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, as well as four veterans Hall County lost and one veteran that's missing in action and was unaccounted for, plus an extra hour for daylight savings.

When he gets down, Mayor Vavricek and wife Jan, along with Lancaster, and many others will sing the Star Spangled Banner and all will recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Vavricek said, "Turnabout is fair play and just as Pam and I risked it last year to help raise World War II Hero flight contributions, Gary is showing he's up to helping and going above and beyond the call of duty in our estimation to demonstrate just how much we all appreciate veteran service and sacrifice."

Vavricek and Lancaster will contribute $126 towards Quandt's fundraising effort in honor of the 126 years of history of the Grand Island Veterans Home.