The Kansas City Royals


It's the Royal treatment when it comes to {A href="" target=_blank}Kansas City baseball. For many years the team has excited fans and everyone has a reason for coming.

"We like the home runs and the hot dogs they have here. I'm still a kid at heart," said Martin and Kate Clellen.

"Nebraskans have always been good to Kansas City and they've always supported the Royals," said Royals Fan Jeff Floyd.

With Kansas City just a long ball away from the Cornhusker State, fans of all ages can enjoy The Little K. The area behind right-center field includes putt-putt, the Little K Diamond, batting cages, and speed pitch.

The supervisor for Little K, Amanda Wright, said, "Now baseball's become so popular that more people are bringing the little ones out and get them exposed but as most of us know little kids can't sit through a whole baseball game."

But this year's biggest attraction comes in the form of Nebraska's own, Alex Gordon, the Royals' starting 3rd baseman.

"It feels good to be close to home and have that atmosphere being from Lincoln," Alex Gordan added.

With stadium renovations set for the end of the season, the royal treatment will become even more fan friendly. The Kaufman Stadium construction would add new restaurants, a state-of-the-art big screen, and The Little K will have even more fun for the kids.

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